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ObamaCare - Health Insurance for individuals and families


Our role is to assist prospective healthcare  enrollees in determining eligibility for a cost sharing subsidy on the website or directly through insurance providers and  answer questions about qualified health plans which will also include  Medicaid (AHCCCS in Arizona) eligibility.


We view plans and pricing ON and OFF the marketplace  before enrolling so that you can be confident the plan you choose meets your families healthcare and financial needs.



Life Insurance for Life!


Life insurance policies of the past should have been called death insurance since the only way to access the benefit was someone had to die.  With the policies we offer that is fortunately no longer the case. 

Ask us about a life insurance policy that can provide benefits while you are alive to help you and your family through critical, chronic and/or terminal illness in addition to supplying a death benefit to your loved ones.



Healthcare Sharing Ministries

(Altrua Health Share)

A POSITIVE solution to the rising cost of healthcare.   NOT an insurance company but approved under the "Affordable Care Act" to offer health plans to individuals, couples, families, church organizations that do NOT have to meet the 10 essential health benefits required under ObamaCare.  And, enrollees will NOT get an IRS tax penalty for enrolling in these health sharing ministries that have been around over 30 years. 


Based on the bible principles of "sharing each others burdens," Healthcare needs are SHARED by the follow members and you do NOT have to be part of a particular faith or church, but rather adhere to a "Statement of Standards." 


Enrollment is allowed ANYTIME of the year.


Medical Alert Systems
(Local Distributor of Bay Alarm Medical)



Why Do I Need This?



The average hospital cost for a fally injury is over $30,000.  The cost of treating fall injuries goes up with age (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).


Every 19 minutes a senior dies from a fall and 89% of falls happen out of reach of a phone 

Understanding the ABCDs of Medicare


What is Medicare?

  • A federal insurance program offered for people who are 65 and older.

  • For some younger persons who are receiving social security disability for atleast 24 months.

  •  For people with end stage renal disease.


Initial Enrollment:

  • 3 months before, the month of, and 3 months after your 65th birthday

  • Can change plan annually usually during open enrollment period between October 15 and December 7.  But if you have a qualifying event, i.e. move to another state can change plan outside of open enrollment.  We are authorized  to Offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans


     Nutrition & Healthy Eating


Do you have any of these temporary symptoms:

  • Low Energy

  • Constipation

  • Heartburn/Indigestion

  • Bloating

  • Diarrhea

  • Headaches


Could your colon be the cause?

It is possible that your own digestive system is causing unnecessary problems and robbing you of optimal health because your colon may clogged and not eliminating toxins and waste effectively.  Poor diet and fast foods, stress, certain medications, and even  overuse of laxatives affects elimination and these harmful toxins may poison the body.

Finance & Credit Repair




If you are serious about improving your credit our GUARANTEED Credit Restoration Service can assist you in challenging the credit bureaus to REMOVE "inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete" items from your credit report and when these items are deleted this will lead to lower interest rates and more positive results.

We are living in uncertain economic times and good credit is becoming more and more a necessity. Why Not end  the year in a better credit situation. 

MyCare Plan

When it comes to your health and your assets, you're used to being in charge. The decisions you make for yourself and your family are important because you know what's best for you. Unfortunately, in the event that you are not able to speak on behalf of these decisions, someone that doesn't understand your wishes may end up making them for you. Without an estate plan in place, these crucial choices regarding YOUR health, YOUR finances, and YOUR family are suddenly out of your control.

Many people disregard planning for unexpected events because they're "too young," it's "too expensive," or they just don't realize the importance of each piece that goes into a Will & Trust. MyCare Plan is a comprehensive planning package, customized to your needs, covering each of the essential parts that make up a full estate plan.

Real Estate Services

Everyone rents, buys, or sells a home at some point and we can help.  The most critical role of a real estate agent is the TRANSACTION whether you want to sell your home quickly or get a great deal on a purchase.  


How much can a real estate agent do for you?  From the initial consultation and marketing to showing the home and negotiating with the buyer's agent we give sellers and buyers the opportunity to choose what they need help with, from showing the home, negotiating with the buyer's agent, marketing, to assistance preparing for the closing process.  LET US SHOW YOU HOW!