Nutrition & Healthy Eating

If you think Wellness is Expensive...Try Illness

Did you know that  over 2.8 million adults die every year from being overweight?

Did you know that soda is the only food that can be directly linked to obesity?

Did you know that soda is the leading cause of Type II diabetes, obesity and tooth decay?

Did you know that most vitamins do not work?


Did you know that Soy and Whey Protein increase the risk of lung, colon, prostate, breast cancer, thyroid abnormalities, Alzheimers and sexual dysfunction?

Did you know that death and disease begin in the colon and most health problems are linked to a toxic colon?
NOW is the time to FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH.

 We cannot disregard God's laws about eating and drinking and expect to live in divine health.  God does His part and we have our part to do, like making healthier food choices.  Diabetes and Colon Cancer are far too prevalent in the minority community.  And, it is NOT related to genetics, but because of poor food choices.  Yes, genetics can load the gun, but what you put into your mouth pulls the trigger. 

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