Medical Alert Systems

FALLS Happen

Get 24/7 Push Button Emergency Help

Why do I need this?

  • 70% of seniors will fall this year;

  • Every 11 seconds a senior arrives in the emergency room the victim of a fall.

  • 89 % of falls happen OUT OF THE REACH of a phone;

  • 62% of Seniors who do not get help within the first hour never fully recover and 97% of fall victims may permanently lose their independence

How does it work?

Push the button and within seconds, an operator will answer and

  • Contact friends, family and neighbors from a call list that you provide;

  • Provide emergency services with your medical history and prescriptions

  • Stay on the line until we're sure help has arrived.

In-Home Medical Alert System.  

4G LTE GPS Medical Alert for protection wherever you go

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