Genetic Prescription (PGX) Screening

Pharmacogenetic refers to the study of how your genes effect your body's  response to medications.

Pharmacogenetic testing is used to:

  • Find out if a particular medicine could be effective for you.

  • Find out what the best dosage might be for you;

  • Predict whether you will have a serious side effect from the medicine.

Genes can be the reason the same medicine at the same dose will effect people in very different ways.


Genes may also be the reason some people have bad side effects to a medicine while others have none.

Now What???

If you are on prescription drugs for Cardio, Psychotic, Pain, consult with your physician as to your eligibility for a PGX Screening Test.  A simple cheek swab will determine if you are on the right drugs for your body.

We offer FREE Educational WORKSHOPS on genetic prescription screening (PGX), if you would like a presentation at your facility organization,  please contact us at 480-980-2658

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