Health, Life Insurance and Nutrition - Health is Wealth


At Health and Wealth Education Services, we ENROLL individuals, families and small businesses into Health and Life insurance plans of many of the nation's healthcare providers.


We also give FREE educational workshops that educate and empower consumers with the fundamentals they need to make informed decisions about their health and financial life.  Taught by experienced and licensed professionals,  we offer the following FREE workshops:


  • Affordable Care Act  (Understanding Obamacare)

  • ABCDs of Medicare
  • Food, Health and Nutrition
  • Cancer Is Hereditary..... Now What?
  • Life Insurance 101 
  • What the Credit Bureaus Don't Want You To Know

  • Will, Trust and Power of Attorney


We Believe that "Self Care is the BEST Preventive Care"

Credit Restoration


As a Licensed Real Estate Agent I see numerous clients who want to purchase a home, or even rent a home/apartment, turn on utilities, even purchase a car who are having to pay higher interest rates or are DECLINED because of "Poor Credit History". 

If you are serious about improving your credit our GUARANTEED Credit Restoration Service can assist you in challenging the credit bureaus to REMOVE "inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete" items from your credit report and when these items are deleted this will lead to lower interest rates and more positive results.

We are living in uncertain economic times and good credit is becoming more and more a necessity. Why Not end 2018 in a better credit situation. 


Real Estate Services

Everyone rents, buys, or sells a home at some point and we can help.  The most critical role of a real estate agent is the TRANSACTION whether you want to sell your home quickly or get a great deal on a purchase.  


How much can a real estate agent do for you?  From the initial consultation and marketing to showing the home and negotiating with the buyer's agent we give sellers and buyers the opportunity to choose what they need help with, from showing the home, negotiating with the buyer's agent, marketing, to assistance preparing for the closing process.


"I look forward to assisting your individual, family and small business needs, helping you to define your goals, develop solutions and realize them."

Jeanine T.  Brown - Owner

Jeanine has been a licensed insurance agent since 2007, but in 2014, she founded, Health and Wealth Education Services LLC  to fill the void that was needed to  ENROLL, EDUCATE  and ASSIST consumers with the new Health Care Law, the ABCDs of  Medicare, Financial literacy & more. 


In addition,  she contracted with non-profit entities and assisted them in educating and enrolling individuals into the Arizona Health Insurance Marketplace, as well as training Marketplace Certified Application Counselors and Navigators.



Jeanine is also authorized to offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription drug plans to seniors



Jeanine also served as an an outreach Volunteer for AARP educating consumers about the Affordable Care Act and the ABCDs of Medicare.

Need Better Credit?  Jeanine can help you increase your credit score by removing inaccuracies and obsolete information from your credit history.

In addition, as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Jeanine has been serving the needs of buyers and sellers  since 2005. 






Health and Wealth Education Services LLC